Community-Based Intervention Research Group (C-BIRG)

C-BIRG is a multidisciplinary research group devoted to the design, implementation, and evaluation of community-based interventions.  The goal is to bridge applied clinical science, state-of-the-art methodologies, and public health research approaches, in order to address pressing prevention and treatment research problems. C-BIRG is led and managed by Dr. Eric F. Wagner (Director), Dr. Michelle M. Hospital (Associate Director) and Dr. Staci Leon Morris (Clinical Director). The group has successfully obtained several significant grants totaling over $20 million, including:

  • Alcohol Treatment Targeting Adolescents In Need (ATTAIN) was a 5-year project funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) which provided individual and family community-based interventions primarily to Hispanic/Latino and African-American adolescent offenders with alcohol and drug problems.
  • Guided Adolescent Problem Solving (GAPS) was a 5-year project funded by NIAAA providing school-based individual interventions primarily to adolescents of Hispanic/Latino, African-American, and Haitian descent attending alternative high schools.
  • The Teen Intervention Project (TIP) was a NIAAA-funded 5-year project investigating the effectiveness of school-based substance abuse group intervention for middle and high school students.
  • Enhancing My Personal Options While Evaluating Risks (EMPOWER) was a 5-year NIAAA-funded research project designed to evaluate the efficacy of a brief intervention to reduce sexual risk behaviors among adolescents in outpatient treatment for alcohol or other drug (AOD) use problems.
  • The Teen Intervention Project-Cherokee (TIP-C) was a NIAAA-funded 2 ½-year project testing the generalizability of our school-based substance abuse intervention with Native American middle and high school students.
  • Drug Free Youth In Town (DFYIT) was a 1-year project evaluating the impact of inclusion in a positive peer club on cigarette smoking attitudes and behaviors among middle and high school students.
  • Group Enhancement for Teens in Treatment (GET-IT) was a NIAAA-funded 2-year project to understand factors influencing group treatment effectiveness among adolescents with AOD problems.
  • Treating Girls’ Problems with Alcohol and Other Drugs (GIRLS) was a 2-year NIAAA project proving school-based individual substance abuse assessment and intervention to at-risk adolescent girls.
  • Adolescent Behaviors & Lifestyle Evaluation (ABLE) was a 5-year grant from NIAAA providing school-based individual substance abuse assessment and intervention to minority adolescents across high schools.
  • Brief Intervention for Substance Using Natives Youth (SACRED Connections) is a 5-year NIDA funded project to evaluating the efficacy of a school‐based, brief motivational intervention for substance using, Native American 9th‐12th graders.).
  • TXT4TeenHLTH is a 3-year Ware Foundation project that tests the impact of alcohol prevention SMS’s with adolescent medicine patients.
  • PROJECT OPTIONS is a multisite NIAAA‐funded randomized controlled trial testing a novel intervention for adolescent alcohol problems in 3 national sites.
  • PACT is a multisite NIAAA-funded study examining alcohol use trajectories among college students.

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Author: Cecile Houry

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