Check out what Dr. Maziak has to say about shisha smoking

Learn more about Dr. Wasim Maziak’s participation in an international meeting gathering renowned scientists and public health professionals.

Maziak-242x400Press  release: Leading scientists and public health professionals from around the world have met from Oct. 20-23 in Abu Dhabi to discuss the serious public health problem of waterpipe. They concluded that the waterpipe has reached the stage of global epidemic affecting youth all over the world.  This is due to waterpipe smoking being associated with serious risks to health, such as exposure to high levels of cancer producing substances, as well as smoke related toxicants to the respiratory and cardiovascular health. They also highlighted the addictive nature of waterpipe smoking and its ability to hook young people on cigarettes and thwart cigarette quit attempts. No less important was the identification of the risks to nonsmokers associated with exposure to harmful toxicant emissions from waterpipe smoking. Several public health policies were discussed to address this epidemic, but priority was given to banning flavoring of waterpipe tobacco that targets youth, and clean indoor air policies that prohibits waterpipe smoking indoors and protects nonsmokers. They finally stressed on the need for collaborative efforts in each country between academicians, public health professionals, and policy makers to address this very serious threat to public health.

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Author: Cecile Houry

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