Alejandro Arrieta: Home blood pressure-monitoring kits save insurance companies money

copyright American Heart Association

copyright American Heart Association

Our own Assistant Professor Alejandro Arrieta was featured by FIU News and the American Heart Association, because of his research on home blood pressure-monitoring kits, and the potential savings they can yield.

From Dr. Arrieta’s findings:

“By improving the accuracy of their blood pressure assessment and by monitoring their blood pressures outside the clinic setting, patients help themselves, help their physicians and save money for insurance companies,” Arrieta said.

In the United States, more than 76 million adults have diagnosed high blood pressure, and many more are undiagnosed. Since high blood pressure causes no symptoms, periodic testing is critical. Annual tests in a hospital or doctor’s office are important, but for people with high blood pressure or conditions that put them at risk for it, more frequent monitoring is key to staying healthy.

“Home-blood pressure monitors should be reimbursed, widely adopted across America and integrated into current clinical practice for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension,” said Alejandro Arrieta. “Our study provides evidence that reimbursement makes business sense for an insurance company.”

You can read the American Heart Association’s piece here, as well as FIU News’ post.


Author: William-Jose Velez

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