How to find the AHC5 building

ahc5locationIf you are new to campus, or haven’t visited in a while, you might be lost trying to find our new Academic Health Center 5 building. To find us:

  1. Head to PG5, AHC5 is located right in front of the parking garage.
  2. If coming from the center of campus, you can head to the AHC3 building which houses the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences. As you walk through that building you will see AHC5 right after.
  3. We’re still adding the finishing touches to the building, but all entryways are open and accessible.

You can also find us on this map of the FIU campus.

If you’re looking for a specific department, here is the building directory:

1st Floor

131            Nutrition Lab

133            Food Science Lab

145            Academic Advising Center

2nd Floor

201, 203 & 212 Classrooms

Extreme Events Institute

International Hurricane Research Center

3rd Floor

360            Department of Earth & Environment

305A         Department of Dietetics & Nutrition

355            Department of Environmental & Occupational Health

4th Floor

460            Department of Biostatistics

490            Department of Epidemiology

455            Department of Health Policy & Management

405           Department of Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

5th Floor

505            Office of the Dean

570W1     School of Social Work

539            FIU-BRIDGE

Author: William-Jose Velez

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