Marcus Cooke is The Radical Scientist

marcus-cooke-980x601Marcus Cooke, Professor and Chair of the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health is featured on FIU Magazine for his work on free radicals, and his novel approaches that could lead to medical cures.

From the article:

“People expect we are thinking about curing a disease in our day to day, but that’s not really how it works,” said Cooke, who’s 44 years old but looks maybe 20 years younger. “What we’re doing is adding grains of sand to a pile, and someday someone is going to climb to the top of that pile and find a cure. Maybe that will be us, or maybe we will help someone else get there.”

His work boils the question of a cure down to the molecular level, studying how atoms produce free radicals, or unstable atoms desperately seeking electrons. These free radicals are produced when we’re exposed to harmful things like radiation or too much sunlight or cigarette smoke, and then they go to work invading all parts of our bodies.

Make sure to read the article to see why Dr. Cooke is The Radical Scientist.

Author: William-Jose Velez

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