Center led by Wasim Maziak among leaders in tobacco use publications

The Syrian Center for Tobacco Studies, led by our Department of Epidemiology Professor and Chair Wasim Maziak was found to be among the leaders in scholarly publication on tobacco control research in the Middle East. The study looked at the decade of 2003-2012, and determined that the first three most published authors are the founders of the center, and another three are trainees. In addition, the center has three of the 10 most cited papers, and ranks 6th in terms of research productivity. The center’s research is second only to the country of Lebanon in terms of high impact.

Considering that the center has a team of 9 individuals, and that its main competitors are large institutions and countries with decades of existence and huge resources at their disposal, this represents a huge success story for the SCTS.

Read the study to learn more, and join us in congratulating Dr. Maziak and his team on this achievement.

Author: William-Jose Velez

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