Dr. Nicole Ruggiano on baby boomers and retirement

The Miami Herald published an article today on a new generation of pre-retirees, who “are among a growing group of workers who continue to clock in even after they’ve turned 65, that once-magical retirement age that used to mean travel, visits to the grandkids and leisurely days on the golf course.”

As part of its piece, the newspaper spoke with our own Nicole Ruggiano, Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, who has a track record on aging research.

From the article:

Nicole Ruggiano, an associate professor at Florida International University’s School of Social Work, found similar trends in Miami. Collaborating with United Way of Miami-Dade on a soon-to-be-released study on baby boomers and retirement, Ruggiano discovered that this generation of pre-retirees is quite different from those that came before.

“Baby boomers see themselves as being much younger than their parents were at the same age,” she says. “They feel like they have more energy and can do much more. They don’t want to break their ties to the workplace.”

After all, a job is not unlike school. Both provide irreplaceable camaraderie. FIU prof Ruggiano calls it “a reciprocal effect.”
Read the full article at the Miami Herald.


Author: William-Jose Velez

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