Williams, Lisetti to conduct clinical trial on innovative diagnostic computer program

Mark Williams, Ph.D.

Mark Williams, Ph.D.

A chance encounter at FIU’s Faculty Club has resulted in an exciting  collaboration between faculty from FIU Stempel College and the College of Engineering & Computing on an innovative computer program that can help people better understand a host of medical issues.

Engineering professor Christine Lisetti has developed a medical avatar, which is an interactive computer program that will stand in when doctors and nurses aren’t available.

After Lisetti unexpectedly shared a table at the aforementioned Faculty Club with FIU Stempel College’s Mark Williams, he became fascinated with her research. As a part of the Health Policy & Management faculty, he offered to help Lisetti put together a clinical trial.

So far, their collaboration has proven successful. Williams and Lisetti submitted their idea to the National Science Foundation and received a $497,000 grant to conduct the trial. They are expecting to start testing the program in a clinical setting early next year.

Find out more about the Medical Health Avatar on FIU News.

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