Social Work students head to Tallahassee for LEAD

Social Work Student in Tallahassee for LEAD

Thirty-five of the College’s Social Work students are in Tallahassee attending Legislative Education and Advocacy Day, or LEAD, where they are meeting with legislators and aides to support bills that impact child welfare, behavioral health and more.

LEAD 2016 logo & flyerLEAD is sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers, Florida Chapter.

Each year, the NASW-FL Board of Directors approves its overall advocacy agenda. This agenda is a broad perspective of the organization’s overall goals for the session, including what it stands for as an association. Later, as bills are filed with the Florida Legislature, this agenda serves as NASW-FL’s guide for what bills to support or oppose. It also helps direct NASW-FL’s actions when the governor’s office or other executive agencies create new policies that impact the social work profession or its clients.

As part of its agenda, NASW-FL invites both new and seasoned social work professionals to stand up and speak out on important issues facing the profession in today’s legislative arena.

FIU Stempel College’s participation in LEAD is one of the many way that our students live up to the College credo, “Be the Change.”

FIU Stempel College’s participation is this annual event is spearheaded by members of the Phi Alpha Honor Society and the Student Social Work Association. They are partially funded through fund raising, but they are primarily funded through the Council of Student Organizations at FIU. This being the case, the students had to earn enough service and activity points in the fall to qualify to apply for special allocation funding. Both organizations have received such funding each year because of their high activity level.  

The special allocation funds covered the costs of the bus and driver. Students paid for their rooms and some of their meals through the award earned by Phi Alpha this past September.  This was the ninth consecutive year that Phi Alpha has won the Chapter Service Award from the National Phi Alpha Honor Society.  




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