FIU Research Into ADHD Featured in The New York Times

Timothy Page, Ph.D.

Timothy Page, Ph.D.

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, The New York Times covered FIU research into attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that was conducted by College faculty member, Tim Page and William E. Pelham, Jr., director of the Center for Children and Families.

Their research indicates that a behavior-first approach, if replicated in larger studies, could change the current medical practice of treating ADHD with stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin before behavioral interventions are implemented.

William E. Pelham helped lead a new study about treatment options for children with attention-deficit problems. Above, Dr. Pelham at a summer camp focusing on social skills training.

William E. Pelham, Ph.D. at a summer camp focusing on social skills training.

According to Page, “The main thing that sets this study apart is that it tests a new adaptive treatment algorithm that starts everyone off with low doses of treatment (either behavior modification therapy or medication) and then gradually increases treatment intensity for those kids that do not respond to the initial treatment.”

Read more in The New York Times.

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