Don Quixote in a wheelchair: Remembering a legendary warrior for the disabled

Andrew BataviaFIU professor, White House fellow, published scholar, lawyer and activist Andrew “Drew” Batavia passed away in 2003 at 45 years of age. A quadriplegic since the age of 16, he overcame many obstacles in order to join FIU in 1997 as a professor in what has evolved into today’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work.

Drew was amazing,” says Mitchell, a professor of physical therapy at New York University. “He adjusted to his disability and didn’t let it get in the way. I felt in denial after his injury, always hoping he would somehow become the old Drew again. But I don’t think he felt that way. He accepted the situation and just moved on from there. He picked up where he was and did what he could do.

Thanks to his brother, Mitchell Batavia, a memoir that Drew started before his untimely passing, Wisdom from a Chair,  has been finished and recently published. FIU News spoke with Mitchell Batavia to find out more about the past faculty member.


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