Ibañez, De La Rosa and Li Receive 2015 Best Paper Award

Gladys Ibañez, Ph.D.

Gladys Ibañez, Ph.D.

Tan Li, Ph.D.

Tan Li, Ph.D.

Mario De La Rosa, professor of social work and director of the Center for Research on U.S. Latino HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse (CRUSADA)

Mario De La Rosa, M.S.S.A., Ph.D.

FIU Stempel College faculty members Gladys IbañezMario De La Rosa, and Tan Li from the Department of EpidemiologySchool of Social Work and Department of Biostatistics respectively, were selected as the recipients of the 2015 Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work Best Paper Award. Their paper Changes in Family Cohesion and Acculturative Stress among Recent Latino Immigrants,” earned them accolades from reviewers in the journal.

The JECDSW’s committee selected the top three papers from Volume 24 of the JECDSW and the entire Editorial Board reviewed and voted on them. Our faculty members’ article, which found that “for those Latino immigrants who struggle to adapt to their new host culture, family remains a source of support more so than for those who do not struggle as much,” received the highest ratings.

Among the article’s authors were also Frank Dillon, former faculty member in our School of Social Work, Maria Elena Villar, associate professor in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication, and Mariana Sanchez, post doctoral associate at CRUSADA.

In the reviews the article received, were comments like these:

“With the growing Latino immigrant population, it is essential to have greater understanding of issues of acculturative stress over time.  The longitudinal research design with a large sample is one of the many strengths of this research.   The use of standardized post-immigration measures, examination of pre and post immigration family cohesion, large sample, assessment of findings in relation to other studies, all are strengths.”

“Very rigorous article (methods wise – longitudinal study with several waves of data collection); great sample size n=479; sheds light on pre-and post-immigration acculturative stress and family cohesion”

The 2015 Best Paper Award will be presented at the 2016 JECDSW Board Meeting on November 4, 2016 which will be hosted at the 2016 Annual Program Meeting  of The Council of Social Work Education, held from November 3 – 6 in Atlanta, Georgia.

JECDSW is one of the social work journals that focus primarily on multicultural issues as they relate to social work policy, research, theory, and practice.

Author: William-Jose Velez

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