Using social media to target and prevent binge drinking in Hispanic young adults

bingedrinkingSchool of Social Work professor and FIU-BRIDGE director Eric Wagner, and doctoral student Sofia B. Fernandez will present the findings of their research project titled “Social Media-Based Prevention for Reducing Alcohol Use Problems among Emerging Adults,” during the Research Society on Alcoholism 2016 meeting on Sunday, June 26 at 5:40 p.m. within the “Interventions for Alcohol Misuse In the 21st Century: Approaches for Diverse Settings and Populations” symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eric Wagner, professor of social work and director of the FIU-Banyan Research Institute for Dissemination, Grants and Evaluation (FIU BRIDGE)

Eric F. Wagner, Ph.D.

Their findings have gotten press coverage from several outlets such as Newswise and, which reported on Wagner’s and Fernandez’ efforts to curb binge drinking among Hispanic and Latino young adults.

On the efforts of the project Fernandez stated:

“The use and importance of social media for communication and information sharing among ethnic-minority emerging adults [quickly] became evident, findings and considerations from our target population were directly translated into project strategies, including the use of social-networking sites for disseminating health- promotion and disease-prevention content in a nonthreatening, educational, and empowering manner.”

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Author: William-Jose Velez

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