FIU Stempel College participates in Herbert & Nicole Wertheim Community Healthcare Conference “How to Become a Health Professional”


This week, FIU Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work faculty members and student volunteers participated in the Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Community Healthcare Conference: “How to Become a Health Professional,” a unique and interactive hands-on experience offering children grades K-12 the opportunity to learn first-hand the role of different health professions.

Dr. Virginia McCoy, Professor in the Department of Health Promotion & Diseases Prevention, coordinated the FIU Stempel College participation, realizing that “it is essential that the public health professions are evident in the conference. All the disciplines in public health make exciting careers and we want young people to see that every day we make contributions to community wellbeing.

The health profession presenters, through interactive demonstrations, showed what it is like to work in different health professions while providing children a summary of the educational requirements needed for their particular competitive field.

The following FIU Stempel College faculty participated:

  • Gladys Ibanez, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology
  • Tan Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics
  • Melissa Howard, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion & Diseases Prevention
  • Alok Deoraj, Senior Instructor, Department of Environment & Occupation Health
  • Jessica Adler, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy & Management
  • Beatrice Farnsworth, Clinical Instructor, School of Social Work
  • Florence Greer, Practicum Coordinator, Public Health

Jessica Weissman and Rachel Clarke, doctoral students in the Department of Health Promotion & Diseases Prevention, also made presentations on nutrition and oral health.

Taking place in Opa-locka, the goal of the event was to support and empower students interested in health careers to become first-generation college graduates in their respective inner-city families, thereby providing them with the tools to break the vicious cycle of social and economic disadvantage in their communities.

Dr. Adler thought it was “wonderful to meet so many curious kids and have the opportunity to work with Stempel’s fantastic student volunteers.”

Author: William-Jose Velez

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