Laboratory training enhances science literacy for Dietetics and Nutrition students

[su_row] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Pills [/su_column] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Often times, people think of a nutritionist or dietician when they want to change the way they eat to lose or gain weight, or as the result of a larger health issue. When studying dietetics and nutrition at a research university, students quickly learn that nutrition and dietetics is so much more than that. [/su_column] [/su_row]

Stempel College signs partnership with Universidad de Cartagena, presents at health conference

[su_row] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] [/su_column] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Stempel College has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Universidad de Cartagena to collaborate on educational and research endeavors. The partnership builds upon the college’s efforts to create strong bonds with research institutions throughout Latin America and, particularly, Colombia. [/su_column] [/su_row]

Health experts convene to discuss prevention and solutions at 2019 Global Health Conference

[su_row] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Pills [/su_column] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] As part of the mission of the Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social, the Global Health Consortium recently hosted the 2019 Global Health Conference, offering three days of cutting-edge workshops and plenary sessions themed around innovative topics and inspiring panelists and speakers. The aim of the conference was to present, analyze and discuss state-of-the art risk analysis and scientific progress on key issues of global health and the serious threats of emerging diseases. This includes new research approaches and innovative scientific and technological solutions to global threats. [/su_column] [/su_row]

Social Work Interns and Field Instructors Recognized at Annual Breakfast  

[su_row] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Pills [/su_column] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] A requirement in all social work programs, the students must meet the competencies and practice behaviors set forth by the School and accrediting body (CSWE) during their practicum. Students learn to integrate their classroom learning/knowledge into their practice in the internships under the supervision of MSW-level field instructors. This 2018-2019 year, three students are being recognized for the outstanding work they did during their internships while three community partners are being acknowledged for their mentorship. [/su_column] [/su_row]

Stempel College post-docs shine at Society of Toxicology Conference

[su_row] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] Pills [/su_column] [su_column size="1/2" center="no" class=""] At the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology, postdoctoral associates Drs. Damaris Albores-Garcia and Aseel Eid were awarded honors for their respective work and research within Stempel College’s Brain, Behavior and Environment program, a FIU Emerging Preeminent Program. [/su_column] [/su_row]