FIU-Stempel College’s School of Social Work ranked #2 degree in Florida by SocialWorkDegree.org

SocialWorkDegree.org, a comprehensive guide that enables students to compare all online and campus-based social work programs in the U.S., ranked two Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work among the top degrees in Florida for 2020. The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree ranked 2nd best in the state while the Master of Social Work (MSW) ranked 3rd. 

“This ranking highlights the School of Social Work’s dedication to offering the best educational programs to our students to ensure that they are prepared for successful careers helping individuals in our community and nationwide,” said Mary Helen Hayden, director of the School of Social Work. “Our students’ education is enriched by the diversity of the South Florida community and social service agencies that serve as field placement sites for them.”  

The 2020 rankings are based on data that was provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and evaluated colleges based on their graduates’ median monthly debt payment and median monthly earnings.

Students graduating with a BSSW from Stempel College’s School of Social Work had, on average, $110 of monthly debt and monthly earnings of $2,558. Students graduating with an MSW had an average monthly debt of $597 and a monthly earning of $3,567.

According to SocialWorkDegree.org, “Since accreditation is also an important factor for social work programs, only colleges with CSWE accreditation were considered for the rankings. Additionally, schools needed to have a reported median salary and a reported median debt on College Scorecard, as well as unsuppressed sample sizes for those data points.