Stempel professor to assess predictive value of personalized medicine approach to childhood sarcomas

Cancer therapy involves great unknowns. But what if doctors had some help in predicting how their pediatric oncology patients might respond to a particular treatment? What if physicians could save critical time and prevent unnecessary side effects by confidently choosing the most effective drug intervention for their young patients the first time out? Those are […]

$900k grant will fund research and training to promote neuro-inclusive hiring

Helping young adults with intellectual disabilities succeed in the workplace often has as much to do with those around them as it does with their own abilities. Supervisors with proper training and support can often mean the difference between positive and negative outcomes for individuals with intellectual disabilities, says Shanna Burke, an assistant professor in […]

Stempel to co-host ‘Antimicrobial Resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean’

Complimentary registration for the timely and important three-day virtual workshop is currently open. Public health professionals, industry professionals, students and others are invited to take advantage of this learning opportunity, which is offered at no cost by the college and the Global Health Consortium in partnership with the Pan American Health Organization and the World […]

Countering nutrition-related “fake news” fuels student’s commitment to research

With questionable nutrition claims and too-good-to-be-true diet advice all over the internet, consumers often have little idea what to believe. Rianna Uddin wants her generation to put the nonsense and falsehoods to rest. “Registered dietitians and nutritionists need to have more of a voice, and we need to be vocal about our knowledge,” says Uddin, […]

Got milk? For countries that do not, calcium-fortified food might be the way to curb rickets

It’s time to make sure everyone gets their daily dose of calcium, says dietetics professor Cristina Palacios of the Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work. That could mean putting the bone-supporting dietary mineral on the growing list of nutrients already being added to food around the world. Palacios recently published two WHO-funded […]